Voting on new TMS mascot

In 1989, TMS set sail as the Seafarers.Our school is proud of its nautical heritage and incorporates it into nearly every aspect of life at TMS. Student Government made a proposal to administration last month about changing our mascot to one that elicits excitement and promotes more school spirit. In keeping with our nautical theme and the Battle of Trafalgar, SGA proposed the following new mascots: Admirals, Captains, or Sailors. Feedback and suggestions from students, staff, and parents are important as we move forward in this process. A Comment Box has been placed in the office to gain input from stakeholders. Ultimately, we want to select a mascot that represents the TMS family and creates a sense of energy and excitement. Will it be the Admirals, Captains,
Sailors, or possibly a suggestion from the Comment Box? Students and staff will decide in May.

Ongoing Events

  • TMS Garden Club meets every Saturday from 8:30 to 11